Mottomo Photography | About Us
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About Mottomo Photography

Photographer : JB Khrisna

Loving photography since high school in 1995, when he got his first camera from dad, a Yashica film camera. Went to college in Bandung, Parahyangan University, taking an International Relation as his study, and trying to study photography by himself at that year is a nightmare, not so many people are willing to share and teach.

Learning the skill one by one by himself until he earned his professional debut money on photography, which is photographing food menu for a local food court for IDR. 20.000,- makes him eager for more. Working his way up from still life, portrait and then wedding, 2003 is his turning year.

Becoming serious in wedding when he move back to Jakarta, and decided to create Mottomo Photography on 2009, and take it even further when deciding to be based in Jakarta and Bali nowadays.